Productive Weekend

Things are finally moving along with my bathroom remodel. Other than installing a new toilet, I had not touched it since my brother left 2-months ago. This weekend I pulled down all the plaster behind the toilet. While I had the wall cavity exposed, I installed a cable outlet in the wall for the bedroom directly behind the bathroom, then I re-installed drywall behind the toilet. Once I was done with this, I put down the new vinyl on the floor.

The place is still a disaster, but at least I have a single covering on the floor and am no longer tripping across a cable wire running through the house. All that nasty asbestos tile in the bath is gone, and now I feel like most of the work left to do is putting my wainscoting up, putting the last 4 ft of drywall up behind the toilet, and the electrical work. The electric will probably wait until after the first of the year, but the rest should go up quickly once I figure out how to get the beadboard home.

So this project combined with all the raking I did Saturday has left me rather sore. You’d think with all the work I’ve been doing lately that my muscles would be getting accustomed to it by now.

Bonus – While working, I found the storm windows I was sure the previous owner had thrown away. So now I can put them up and have dual-pane windows over my TV instead of single pane. Hopefully this will cut down on the heat bill a bit.


One Response to “Productive Weekend”

  1. ah yes … you sound like us. We haven’t done anything on ye old house since the beginning of football season. In two weeks, however, Gary and contractor buddy will be fixing a joist, fixing the bathroom lights (don’t ask), and hopefully putting in an electric outlet so we can buy a new TV set already. LOL!

    Maybe I will be inspired to paint my “Library”, but I doubt that will happen until this summer.

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