Ewwww that smell!

Tonight I went to the grocery store to pick up salt. Yes, I’ve lived in this house 3-months and never purchased salt. I just don’t’ use a lot of it, but I wanted to cook a recipe that called for it.

I was in the spice aisle picking up my 45-cent, 8-pound container of salt when someone passed by me. Let’s just say that they left but they were still there, at least scent-wise. When you’re shopping for food scent-de-wino is something you’d rather not experience.

To this gentleman I say… Come on, it’s friggin grocery store! You think you could at least have the courtesy to take a shower before gracing us with your presence. I was out raking leaves for 5-hours today, yet I managed to get in the shower to clean my nasty self before showing up.



5 Responses to “Ewwww that smell!”

  1. You paid 45 cents for 8lbs of salt!?

  2. I hardly ever use salt myself. I doubt I’ll use all of my 8 lb container before I die

  3. Well it was more like 45 cents for a pound of salt, but the idea is that this stuff is dirt cheap and I didn’t have any. 🙂

  4. You can always use salt on the sidewalk when it’s icy out.

  5. God, I can’t remember the last tiem I bought cooking salt! I never use it. I tell you what though – I am always running out of cumin, curry, and chili powder. Must be the cajun food I cook. 😉

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