Recalling my first Thanksgiving in the army

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the post,
The basic trainees searched for a turkey to roast.
They searched high and low, looked all around
When from the woods they heard a gobbling sound.

They slung their M-16’s with care,
When about a dozen of them shot in the air!
Down from the sky fell a feathery feast,
Then they realized they had to pluck those beasts.

Pluck they did with all their might,
The drill sergeants never saw such a sight.
The trainees all sat down for their meal,
When the Missouri game warden showed up with much zeal!

He said, “Don’t you know hunting here is forbidden?”
“No we didn’t, can we be forgiven?”
They were all preparing to flee,
When the game warden let them off scott-free!

“I can’t write any of you a fine!”
“Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and mine…”

O.K. it wasn’t QUITE like that, though a turkey did manage to make its way onto the firing range the day before Thanksgiving. The range OIC managed to call cease fire before it became turkey dumplings. Rats… MRE’s for us that year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


One Response to “Recalling my first Thanksgiving in the army”

  1. I like the story with the Game Warden… very inventive and cute.

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