Go on vacation already!

I’m breaking my rule of never talking about my job… again.

Would you people just go on vacation already? You’re dumping so much on us we can’t possibly get done. We were hoping you would all be gone during this normally slow week so we could catch-up! Just go already! Leave, be gone!

Instead you’re here and you’re increasing the work load! Did I already say just leave already! Sheesh, take a break!


4 Responses to “Go on vacation already!”

  1. I’m getting an enforced vacation. They’re taking down the network Thursday and Friday (and maybe Saturday) which means no work for me. And no internet from home either. Blah! And me with a paper to write.

  2. I don’t know what these people are going to do when our whole department takes a vacation next month. *ha*

  3. is there a holiday this week?

    how quaint to be in the States!

    What’s it like in the New World?

    Sarcasticly Yours!


    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. I wouldn’t complain too much about your situation Adam. Don’t they give meaningful amounts of vacation each year?

    Over here they still act like everyone lives in the same town as their family and that two weeks in a year is enough.

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