Cruel School

I was wandering around the CNN website last Friday and ran across an article about a young girl at a school in Pennsylvania that was falsely accused of theft. She was paraded from class to class by the principal and called a thief and a liar. Turns out, the kid that accused her was the liar and the little girl was innocent.

This struck a nerve with me as I had a similar incident happen to me when I was in elementary school. The class bully/asshole broke a chair then proceeded to point the finger at me. I was taken aside by the teacher and scolded for what seemed like an hour (probably more like 5 minutes) and then let out with the rest of kids on the playground. The bully proceeded to taunt me and let all his buddies know how he got away with this by accusing me.

The teacher never found out, and quite frankly to this day I’m at a loss to figure out how she could believe the word of the class bully over a shy kid like me. The quiet shy children are usually the ones wanting to hide in the shadows and not make a spectacle of themselves by breaking the furniture.

I distinctly remember going home that day and telling my mother that I was never going back to school because of this. Obviously I went back, but the fact that I’m remembering it now means that I probably didn’t do a very good job of getting over it.

As for the little girl above? I would have expected this behavior from a school administrator in the early 1980’s, but today? Sheesh!


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