Oh my Aching Back!

I got much accomplished this past weekend. I had a friend in overnight Friday and on Saturday we raked up all my leaves (round 1, they are not done falling yet), then we mowed the lawn, stacked some bricks, and installed my new dishwasher. The reward? Getting to indulge some of my fetishes while he was there. I’m not going into details on that, but suffice it to say that it could have involved one or more of the activities depicted by the dolls from this post by my buddy TQE.

Now my back is killing me. I’m certain it is from all the work I did Saturday as the other activities were not rough enough to create these issues. F-ing back spasms!


5 Responses to “Oh my Aching Back!”

  1. if my back and/or hands glowed that color, I would be mighty worried.

    As for your fetishes….


  2. Me thinks you have similar fetishes if you’re posting those materials. *ha*

  3. Oddly, I actually didn’t find what I posted arousing.

    I found it amusing…

    But I’ve learned something about you!

    Extreme Restraints for you?

  4. Crap!

    I messed up the link in the above reply

    I meant Extreme Restraints.

    The error was in the link I typed in the HTML. My apologies.

  5. Yes, I guess you learn something new about people periodically. =) I’m definately one of those “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me” types. Should you desire a clinical review of such practices, e-mail me.

    Don’t worry, I’m not into any of those nasty/unhealthy consumption fetishes. Yuck!

    I’ll look at the link you posted later when I’m not at the office.

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