How to get results

I admit it, I’m often a doormat to people. I’ll let something pick away at me for a while and not really give it much thought. Yes, that makes me a big ‘ole pussy when it comes to being an effective leader. What can I say? I have compassion for people.

This type of personality has a set of issues unto itself. That is, people like me will take a lot of crap but once we have had enough we turn into absolute tyrants. It’s as if you’ve turned a light switch from off to on – there is no in between. Being a tyrant is very effective in the short term but after a while people start to think you’re toxic, which can be bad for your career track.

I’ve run into one of those situations with my job. This situation isn’t with anyone inside the company I work for but with one of our outside vendors. I’ve been working to find a solution to a problem we’re having that should have taken this vendor a matter of hours to clear-up. We have been working with them for a month now.

Here is the problem – I have a client that needs some detailed information. While pulling the data for the client I encountered an issue with the data I was working with and asked for help from my vendor to clear-up the issue. The software they provide us has given me three different answers to the same question, so I’m sure you can see where this would erode my confidence in their service.

Today I had to send a nastygram to the vendor about my “feelings” and that I was beginning to think they did not value us as a client and how we may have to re-evaluate our relationship with them since their service is now costing my company sales.

I certainly hope I don’t have to go to New York City and kick some ass… that would be rather inconvenient at the moment with my current workload.


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