How inappropriate!

I’m amazed Rosa Parks didn’t jump up and slap the crap out of these two!

This is pure political opportunism. As you read below, think Mastercard commercial.

Appropriate – Senate majority leader visiting the casket of Rosa Parks.
Appropriate – Samuel Alioto, the new US Supreme Court nominee, visiting the casket of Rosa Parks.
Inappropriate – Visiting together in a Republican partisan circle jerk as you see in the photo above.

Why does this piss me off so much?


One Response to “How inappropriate!”

  1. I wouldn’t be so upset by this.

    It is reasonable to assume that the senator and the judge are either friends or know each other on some level. It’s also reasonable that the two of them would attend together.

    They had no way of knowing which potographs would be taken and shown to the world…

    From the photographers perspective this is a reasonable shot since it gets two important people along with the casket in one photo.

    Again, I wouldn’t really be upset. In fact, it wouldn’t really pass on my radar as symbolic of anything.

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