Life in the 7th circle of Hell

Yesterday I decided to do what I’ve been putting off and I visted the 7th circle of Hell which is more commonly known as the DMV.

As many of you know, I moved from Conservative Hell to the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons, and now I’ve moved back to Conservative Hell. Well that is where the fun resides with my DMV transaction. Apparently when I moved to the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons, I paid title fees and many others to get license plates in there. This was a burdensome process and took me several weeks to accomplish because I worked during the week in Conservative Hell and could only transact business in the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons on Saturday mornings.

It appears I’m running into the same mess in Conservative Hell. When I “titled” in the commonwealth they never called for the Conservative Hell title from my lease company. The result is that my car was never titled in the commonwealth and is still titled in Conservative Hell. That is problem number one. Problem number two is that when I cancelled my car insurance in Conservative Hell, the insurance agency was required to notify the DMV that I had done so. So now I have an insurance hold on the car I’m trying to register. This is a simple way to say that the state will not register my car until I can prove to them that it was continuously registered AND insured since February 15, 2004. The car was, I have the paperwork to prove it.

OK, you would think that was the end of the problem. Nope! Now the DMV wants a copy of the front and back of the title to the car. Here is the rub – I DON’T HAVE IT! The lease company has it. Solution? Get it faxed to me from the lease company. Surely I cannot transfer ownership with a photocopy. Nope, the lease company requires that the DMV request the title in writing and will not release a photocopy/fax copy of the title to me.

I’m sure you can see where this is going to turn into a circular arguement of the chicken and egg variety.

Oh well! I’m doing my best to keep a sense of humor about this. I just find it amusing that this car comes up in the database at the CH DMV and they insist on seeing a copy of the title. I have every other piece of paper they want except that. *shrugs*

Anyone have suggestions?


2 Responses to “Life in the 7th circle of Hell”

  1. Strange…. hope that someday it all makes sense.

  2. North Carolina DMV is unnecessarily bureaucratic. They make it very difficult on people that are doing their best to do the proper thing and I don’t think they could have made it any more complicated if they had tried. To top it off, the DMV is run by private enterprise on behalf of the state to which I say that there are some things that the government *SHOULD* be running.

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