A Busy Weekend

I’m back now after a busy, busy weekend.

Friday, I washed my clothes and then loaded them up to dry at the local Laundromat. Hopefully by Wednesday of this week I won’t have to worry about doing that anymore as my dryer will be fixed.

Saturday, I met up with my friend Chris and we went up to Mt. Airy, NC. This is Andy Griffith’s home town and is the locality upon which he based the fictional Mayberry. Of course, this little hole-in-the-wall is still grasping to the show as if it is still in original run though it was cancelled over 30-years ago. The purpose of this visit was to attend the Autumn Leaves Festival. The festival was a bust and was mostly a bunch of street vendors selling the same Christmas garbage.

I did notice a couple of interesting things and would have bought both if I felt that I had the disposable income to do so. First was a bright blue sign that read, “No Girls Allowed!” which I though was perfect to put on my front door. The second was a sign in a booth that had pet-themed merchandise that said, “Free Licks.” When placing this in the home I would have put this up next to the first sign. Take from this what you will.

Another thing I saw was a very colorful piece of artwork. I was drawn to it because it was just so darn, umm… colorful. I wanted it, I craved it… that is until I saw who painted it. It was painted by Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane AKA James Best. Oh God! Does that make me an official redneck now?

Once we got bored with the festival, Chris proposed that we go up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and drive over to a place called Mabry Mill. This is an old flour grinding mill run with a water-wheel and there were several National Park Service displays. This side trip made the day away worth it.

Sunday, I managed to get a few house things done. First, I got the old cast iron bathtub broken up into pieces that were small enough I could carry them to the curb without a hand-truck. If the city fails to pick them up today I’m going to get grumpy. If I can carry this stuff to the curb by myself, surely it is light enough to place in the truck.

The second thing I accomplished was busting a hole through the brick wall on the porch to install the vent for my clothes dryer. I’m pretty darn proud of myself for getting that done! Now when the part comes in to fix my dryer, I’ll have it properly vented and will be able to do my laundry without a trip to the local Laundromat to dry my clothes.

I think I had a fairly productive weekend. I’m feeling better now.


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