Service Appointments

I’m almost ready to start clearing the pile-o-stuff off my desk called work. However, I had to get a couple of things accomplished this morning.

First, I called my car insurance company to find out where the check they sent to me has wandered off to. I’m hoping it is having more fun that I am presently and that it brings me back a beer from whatever beach party it is attending. I’m guessing the insurance company put the check into an envelope marked DO NOT FORWARD and that it went back to them as I received their estimate of repairs through my forwarding order with the post office. The check was sent the same day. Let’s hope the check gets here soon so that I can get the car repaired and then sold so I can free-up that money in my budget.

Second, I called the mega-huge appliance corporation today to schedule an appointment to get my clothes dryer repaired. They were mostly helpful, but I was amused by the following:

Customer Service Agent (CSA): Sir, did you reset the breaker?
Me: I checked it several times to make sure it was on. It was in the proper position.
CSA: Make sure you test the breaker again sir.
Me: Yes, I’ve checked the breaker multiple times. There is proper voltage at the outlet inside the house for the dryer. 110-volts on each hot lead when grounded and 220-volts when I test them together. There is also that amount of voltage on the connections on the back of the appliance. So electricity is flowing to the appliance properly.
CSA: I would try turning the breaker on and off again sir.

I was amused by this. If I’m getting voltage at the outlet inside the house for the dryer, and it is testing properly on the outlet AND the back of the dryer when it is plugged in, that means there is something defective in the appliance itself and that no amount of turning the circuit-breaker on and off is going to correct the issue.

The one thing I will say is that I was talking to an American on the other side of the line and the mega-huge appliance corporation isn’t outsourcing their customer service to Bangalore. Though… the people in India seem better able to comprehend electrical engineering issues than my fellow Americans so perhaps that would have been better in this case?


2 Responses to “Service Appointments”

  1. Maybe this is your problem:

    Shocking Television

  2. No, in the garage it looks a bit like that, but at least I have the proper gauge of wire. I just need to properly fasten it to the rafters.

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