5 days… Is my blog dying?

I really need to update more. I’ve been dealing with the house issues that come up, but it looks like I’m getting most of them resolved. My washer drains properly now, so I can do laundry, though I have to hang it up on a line to dry. I really need to get my electric and vent for my dryer hooked-up. At least I can get my clothes clean, even if they are a bit crunchy after drying.

I’ve also been rather ill the past few days. It seems that my brother gave me a bug while he was here and that he didn’t say much about it. I talked to him and he said I was showing the same symptoms he was. I thought it was house nerves, but apparently I was just ill. Very unpleasant flu where I felt nauseous and had a lot of painful cramping. *ugh* I hope none of you get it!

My Internet connection at home died last night. Of course the cable company is saying it is my fault, but I can’t get an internet signal into my modem from their lines. I tried my second cable outlet last night and got the same little blinking light on my modem I had on the line I had it hooked-up to before. So let’s see if I get a refund for the 4 days I’ll be without my connection. The silver lining here is that I was being quite the whore just before I got ill, so this will slow that down. Being a whore can be dangerous you know!

My current dilemma is how to get the new bathroom vanity I want to the house. Since I only own a car, getting that home is going to be a challenge. That and getting the four 4×8 sheets of beadboard and luan home is going to be a challenge also. All this stuff costs about $200, but honestly, why would I rent the Home Depot truck for $30 to bring home $200 worth of material? I guess I’ll have to find a Lesbian with a U-Haul that can help me out.

I’ll try to do better with the blog, but I am very overwhelmed with stuff to do presently. I’ll keep in touch as much as I can.


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