I’m back!

Hi everyone! Did you miss me?

I am a home owner now. Unfortuantely, I think I’ve closed on the Money Pit.

Closing day – I notice that water is running. I’m thinking it is the toilet but it isn’t. It was the main water valve under the house. It was leaking, so I replaced it. Not difficult once I got the right part.

After fixing it, I filled the water heater and turned the circuit for it on. The circuit panel buzzed, and as I reached for the breaker it kicked itself off. Water heater was shot so now I’ve had a new one installed.

Then I tried to do a load of laundry only to find out that the drain line for the washer is stopped-up. Old-Faithful Geyser eurupted in my kitchen all over the new stainless stell stove and got about 2-gallons of water on the floor.

Then there was the three day saga that was installing the new shower in the bathroom. This should have taken one day, but I couldn’t get the drain line for the new shower to hook-up with the drainline from the old one. It is installed and functioning now though.

I’m wondering how expensive it is going to be to get a plumber out to move the location of my washer and fix it’s drain. This will involve putting it out on the porch on the opposite side of the wall from where it is currently located. Then I need one to switch the position of the commode and sink in the bathroom. I’m going to price these two as a single job.

While under the house fixing the shower drain, I noticed one foundation support wasn’t holding ANYTHING up. It was there, listing and the joist it was supposed to be supporting is sagging. This answered my question as to why the doors in my bedroom will not close. This is easy enough to fix if I can find the tools to do it. Simply jack the floor joist up about the half-inch it has sagged and put a new support under it. Someone told me that getting a person out to do it would be about $300, so we’ll see.

Anyhow, I’ve been stressed and nearly on the verge of tears, but from all my further personal inspections, I can see this is a good house, I just need to get past these expensive annoyances.


3 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Sorry to hear about the troubles with… uh… everything.

    I hope it all improves quickly.

  2. Oh dear. Welcome to the wonderful world of joists and foundations. We have to fix a joist in our basement. Easily resolved – as soon as our contractor friend can come over to help Gary fix it. Freakin’ football season!

  3. IUMike Says:

    What a way to be introduced to homeownership. Hmm, I think I’m gonna keep renting this apartment for awhile.

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