Five Days?

Wow, it has been five days since I’ve made an entry. What have I been up to? Friday I went out and made sure the A/C unit was installed in the house. The good news is that it looked like it was all there… the bad news was that it didn’t appear to be hooked-up to the electricity as I didn’t see a new breaker in the circuit panel. I’m going back out today to check, Hopefully the sellers will not be there.

Friday night and Saturday I had a much needed play-date with a friend. Aside from bedroom activities we went hiking Saturday at Stone Mountain, my favorite Conservative Hell state park. The poor guy thought he had joined the army as the trail I hike there goes pretty much straight up then straight down and covers 4 miles.

Sunday, I did Laundry and packed up the bulk of the rest of my stuff for the move.

Yesterday I went to work and had a pretty typical day.

Through all this I’ve been dealing with the last-minute hassles from the lender, making sure the A/C is finished, arranging my insurance, and scheduling my walk-through appointment.

Closing is supposed to occur at 2PM Thursday. Later that evening I am retrieving my brother from the Capitol City airport and he’ll be helping me move on Friday.

My schedule right now is as follows:

Today – Swing by house to check on electric panel and A/C, get hair cut, make sure moving van reservation is in system (already did it, just checking), call cable company to get internet installed.

Tomorrow – Possibly do my pre-close walk-through, arrange hotel room for Thursday night, go to Sears and see if I can buy my TV for pick-up on Friday morning.

Thursday – Pre-close walk through (if not done Wednesday), close on House, change locks on house, pick brother up at airport, go to hotel.

Friday – Check out of hotel, pick up moving van, pick up TV at Sears, load moving van, Move to Conservative Hell.

Saturday – Wait for appliances to be delivered to house, possibly wait for cable guy to show up.

So I have a few things to do. Let’s hope my list doesn’t get longer. If you don’t hear from me for a few days you should have a fairly good idea what’s up.


4 Responses to “Five Days?”

  1. IUMike Says:

    Exciting stuff! Congrats! It’s taking all my effort just to get myself to go out and buy a new car, much less a house.

  2. Thanks, read my new entry about cars. *ugh*

  3. oh wow… your week is rather hectic…

  4. Hectic only BEGINS to describe it. This morning the mortgage folks were playing 20-questions with me.

    Couldn’t we have done that a week ago? *shrugs*

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