Making Progress on the Move

Today I went out and purchased $2800 worth of appliances. Yup, the house I’m moving to has no appliances. I purchased all Whirlpool stainless appliances except my dishwasher… That is a Kitchen-Aid that was on clearance. I ended up spending about $50 more for the Kitchen-Aid than a Whirlpool that was stainless, but the Kitchen-Aid is stainless on the inside as well as the outside where the Whirlpool is plastic on the inside.

So I got a grand total of 5,600 SkyMiles out of the deal. Let’s hope Delta stays aloft long enough for me to use them! Not to mention, I need Delta to be in business so I have a job.

Next project for the move is to get my utilities arranged. I found it odd that I have to go to the house and turn off all the breakers on the day they read the meter. Is the meter-maid going to stick their finger on the bus-bar inside the breaker box or something? That would be a sight!

I am also trying to figure out if I’m getting cable or a dish. I guess it will depend on who’s cheaper as I have no real affinity for the cable company. The dish folks will install the dish as part of the deal, so maybe I’ll use them, assuming they don’t decide they need to rip my house apart to install everything.

Any advice for my one-week to closing checklist? Anything I should make sure I put on it? Experienced people should feel free to speak-up!


2 Responses to “Making Progress on the Move”

  1. I wish i had advice, the most i can offer are crossed fingers.

  2. Thanks for the crossed fingers. Lately I feel like I’m in the cross hairs! It shall all be over Friday!

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