Suggestions anyone?

Anyone got a suggestion for how to light a fire under the ass of the current owners of the home I’m trying to purchase? They are supposed to get an A/C unit installed before we close (8 business days from now) and there is absolutely no sign that the contractor has been to the house to do any of the work.

Last I heard it was a hold-up on the sellers side because they had not signed an authorization for the contractor to enter the house.

Any idea how I can get these nit-wits to get that authorization back? It would take them a grand total of 1-minute plus a trip to Kinko’s to fax it to their agent if they would just get off the ass and do it. The contractor is apparently wanting to start, but cannot do so until the sellers sign-off.

I need them to do it so we can go to closing on time. I have people coming to help me move… and it involves an airline ticket. I have appliances to schedule delivery for, etc. I cannot do any of that until I’m reasonably assured that closing will happen on time.

*ugh* I wonder if MT had this much trouble…


2 Responses to “Suggestions anyone?”

  1. Shouldn’t your realtor be taking care of this??? I mean, that’s what he/she is paid for. Call them up and light a fire under their ass. Question: is your closing date the same day as the vacate (or whatever the hell it’s called) date? Our house was empty for about 9 months, so we took possession the same day that we closed. And they fixed the windows (except one – moron) as soon as they received an offer on the house.

  2. The issue is that I’ve called my agent and gotten no response back. Granted, it has not been 24 hours yet, but we’re working on, now, 7 buisness days until closing. Here, you take possesion on day you close.

    I’m about at the point of asking if either of them is desiring a comission check, or if the seller is seriously wanting to sell the home. Since neither the selling or buying agent seem too interested in getting this process moving I’m not sure what is up.

    I’m the one that has the money, they are supposed to be kissing up to me. I’m finding this very frustrating.

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