I’m getting worried…

I’m really starting to get fearful. I went out at lunch today to fill my car (it was near empty) and people are getting surly at the gas pumps. Not surly over the prices, surly over the lines. It doesn’t help when soccer moms fill up their huge ass SUV’s and instead of taking their receipt and moving to a parking space, leave said SUV in front of the pump and then go shop in the store for 15 minutes. That’s what I saw today.

I’m getting worried because this surly behavior is the first step before things start down the road to mass chaos and shooting.

I’m hoping the re-start of the Colonial Pipline will cool prices a bit, or at least stop the stratospheric rise so that the mood will cool. The Colonial pipeline has a major distribution point in Conservative Hell.

I’m really getting nervous. I think I’ll go top off my other car tonight and then I should be set for at least a week if I don’t go anywhere this weekend. Hopefully by then things will calm down.

Until then, I’m keeping a close eye on where I put that snub-nosed 38 B asked me to get rid of. I have a feeling if things don’t improve it might be handy for pointing out windows.


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