Apparently I’m insensitive to storm victims…

I had someone inform me this morning that my sales rep in New Orleans lost everything in the hurricane. I wasn’t quite as sympathetic as this individual wanted me to be, so I got a tongue lashing. It isn’t that I don’t care (I want everyone to enjoy life, even Bush supporters), I just know there are better places to be living to avoid certain natural disasters.

That said, everywhere you go in the US there is the possibility for a natural disaster of some sort. In the northeast it’s huge snowstorms, any place west of Denver it is earthquakes/avalanches/volcanoes, in the Midwest it’s tornadoes, and on the East and Gulf coasts it’s the big vacuum cleaners from the sea. In short, we are all exposed to mother nature and her wrath.

I think the point that I was trying to make to the person this morning was that people live in certain areas for their own personal reasons and they have to accept the risk that comes with living in their area and live with it. If that makes me an insensitive dolt, then so be it.

So, to make amends for my perceived insensitivity… She can come stay in my new home with me if she wants the help. Unfortunately this is going to be a month from now and she’ll have to live with the mess of remodeling. Nonetheless, I’m willing to host. So Patty, if you need it, when I close on the house, come on up.


One Response to “Apparently I’m insensitive to storm victims…”

  1. We can blame the French for this. After all, they picked New Orleans as a good place to live 300 years ago.

    Plus, you know how we love to blame the French for everything!

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