Holy fuck, what’s up with gas prices?

Gas Prices in Smallville, COCM:

July 1, 2005 – $1.85/gal
August 2, 2005 – $2.06/gal
August 15, 2005 – $2.49/gal

This is a 21% increase in fuel prices in less than two-weeks and a 35% increase since July 1. 20 cents of this increase (or nearly 10% of the total cost) happened between 5PM on Friday and 12PM Sunday. I hope all the bible-thumping assholes are happy now. You can’t afford to get to your jobs or buy anything, but at least the fags aren’t getting married! I hope you starve to death while eating your “morals.” Don’t worry, inflation is right behind, so this is just a preview of how bad it’s going to get.

This is one of the cheaper places in the US to buy fuel. It’s over $3.00/gal in California now. It’s definately a race to see if I can get moved closer to my job before I go bankrupt! 1 1/2 months and counting, assuming the sellers sign the f-ing contract… It’s been over a week on that now.


9 Responses to “Holy fuck, what’s up with gas prices?”

  1. It went up 21 cents in the span of eight hours here on Friday.

    Henderson, KY: $2.49
    Evansville, IN – in town: $2.54
    Evansville, IN – at I-64: $2.39

    There are actually LINES at the gas station north of town. I figure that I’d end up wasting the money I saved by driving way up there and sitting in line.

    I am so glad we got rid of the truck. I can actually justify it now because our gas savings will make about half of the car payment.

    We’re stuck because there really are no jobs for Gary in our area, at least no jobs with coaching attached. We’re going to start cutting back on things like this:

    1. No movie every weekend.
    2. Stop going out to eat so much.
    3. No more *$ or PL coffee runs.
    4. No big holiday trips.

    We had thought about going to see my grandmother at Christmas, but it’s close to 20 hours in a car. And if gas is high here, I’d hate to see what it’s like in upstate New York. Ugh!

    Unfortunately, gas has always been priced too low in this country which has made people addicted to their damn SUVs and has kept Detroit from making more fuel efficient cars.

  2. I’m just SOOOOO glad the Republicans are in control of the WHOLE government at the moment.

    If the current energy crisis sticks around too long they are gonna get Gray Davis-ed out of office. Gee, congress, why not make the oil companies take that huge windfall that I’ve read they don’t know what to do with it and invest it in alternate energy R&D. You know, something that would actually make this country safer becuase we could tell the middle east to go fuck itself.

  3. Gary and I have a sick sense of humor. Last night, there was a lightening strike that hit three crud (crude?) oil holding tanks in a nearby county.

    Gary: Oh, that’s a shame.
    MT: Why?
    Gary: Gas prices will probably go up 10 cents tomorrow.


  4. Gosh, I still remember when gas was less than a dollar a gallon.

    It wasn’t that long ago.

  5. I’m a weirdo. I remember the last time I bought gas for 79 cents a gallon. It was four years ago at Christmas and I was in Anderson, Indiana. I thought it was weirdly low then, which is why I remember it.

  6. BTW – I came to work today @ noon and gas was sitting at $2.54. I just talked to someone in the copy room and he said that gas was up to $2.69 at the BP. ACK!

  7. The price seems to have flattened out here. Was $2.49 Sunday, but one was back to $2.48 and another $2.45 the last couple of days.

  8. I could say something, but I don’t drive any more.

  9. Adam, you do drive. It’s just that you can fit the cars you drive in your coat pocket. 🙂 To bad everything in the US is a big huge hulking land barge, or we could all have SmartCars too!

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