Surprise! A new blog entry…

Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.

I’ve been rather busy lately with trying to get things arranged for purchasing a house, making new friends in the city I’ll be living in, and just generally trying to relax. It’s also picked up at work the last few days.

Where I’m at on the house – I’ve got an offer in on a 1400 SF ranch that needs to have a central A/C unit installed. I gave them full asking price, but said I wanted that unit installed as part of the deal. IE I didn’t dicker on price, but negotiated something the house needs instead. This is much more efficient than asking for a lower price, then trying to get the unit installed myself, as I can bury the cost of the unit in the loan.

Here’s the problem, the sellers have had the offer in hand since last Friday. I like the neighborhood, etc. but I’m not going to wait on them forever. I’m about to the point of telling them to either accept the offer or I’ll withdraw it. There’s other deals out there, I’ll just have to uncover them.

But… I would LOVE to live in the neighborhood.

I hope they respond soon. I’d like to arrange financing, etc. before rates skyrocket.


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