So why does the west get so upset at this when…

OK, here is a personal gripe… Why do folks in the west get so upset about the practice of female circumcision when they seem quite comfortable with the US practice of lopping off the end of the dicks of newborn males?


Sheesh, the west is so hypocritical!


5 Responses to “So why does the west get so upset at this when…”

  1. Chris, Darling,

    I hate to break the news to you, but while both forms of circumcision are unnecessary, one of the two is substantially worse than the other.

    I absolutely agree that male circumcision should stop–but male circumcision doesn’t eliminate sexual pleasure for men. On the other hand, most forms of female circumcision prevent most sexual pleasure for females.*

    In fact, some women cannot have sex without further cutting by their partner (e.g. husband). Additionally it can lead to death via infection.

    This is why most people are more concerned with female circumcision than with male circumcision.

    *Believe it or not, I once read a study about female circumcision in the USA. I forget the exact circumstances, but a hospital started performing female circumcisions for a community because they were able to do it in a non-leathal/damanging way that fulfilled the religious requirements.

  2. Paragraph 1 – Duh.
    Paragraph 2 – Yes.
    Paragraph 3 – Interesting.
    Paragraph 4 – I suppose, but both need to stop.
    Paragraph 5 – If it’s going to happen it needs to be done in a medical environment.

    Both practices need to stop unless the person involved gives their informed consent. New borns can’t do that. So to me it is just as bad to do that to a newborn male as it is to an older female. Either way, it’s a violation.

    That’s my point.

    Of course, I’ll never know how much sensitivity is lost as my parents did it to me at birth, and it is the only thing I really have a gripe with them about. Anything else in my upbringing was simply environment and is something I can control now as an adult.

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Talking about “both forms of circumcision” shows that you have poor understanding of the subject in question.

    Female circumcision refers to dozen different procedures performed on female genitalia. Some of them are more invasive than male circumcision (clitoridectomy, infibulation), some are comprable (removal of the labia minora) and some are less invasive (removal of the hood from the clitoris).

    Since the article did not specify what type of circumcision they are practicing in Iraq there is no way to tell how it compares to male circumcision.

    You say that male circumcision doesn’t eliminate sexual pleasure. Well neither does female circumcision, even in it’s most radical forms. (see this for more information ).

    You also mentioned the attempts to perform female circumcision in the U.S. This is true, and it’s very interesting because of the sexist and cultural double standard that surrounds it.

    About a decade ago The State of Washington tried to offer a ceremonial clitoral hood “nick” for Samalian girls (they have a significant immigrant population there) without removing any genital tissue in the Harborview Hospital.

    However the suggestion of even a tiny nick on a girl that wouldn’t cause any harm aroused such public outcry that they gave it up before it began.

    Congresswoman Schroeder who passed the bill that forbids medically unjustified genital surgeries performed on girls (but not on boys) wrote to Harborview, saying that she believed the proposal would violate the new law.

    “The clear intent of the legislation,” she wrote, “was to criminalize any medically unnecessary procedure involving female genitalia.” Certainly, under some forms of state criminal statutes, such as North Dakota’s, any practice, no matter how minimal, would constitute a felony under the “surgically alters” wording of the law.

    Even a tiny cut with proper medical precautions done on a minor girl’s genitalia is illegal and caused outcry in the public. Male circumcision, however, which is a significantly more substantial and invasive procedure than the one contemplated in Seattle, is legal and accepted by most even when done by traditional, nonmedical practitioners in their home without administering anesthesia.

    So your suggestion that severity of the procedure is the reason why female circumcision gets more attention is obviously false. It gets more attention because it’s performed on girls. Our society is simply a lot less sensitive about violence and unjust when men and boys are affected by it and circumcision is only one out of many examples where this is being manifested.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, and about you saying how circumcised girls can die from infection.

    This goes for boys as well. Even in western hospitals, like with every other surgeries there are risks involved in male circumcision as well. But this is especially in developing countries.

    In virtually every society where girls are circumcised boys are as well. And in Africa and middle east they don’t get out the good German manufactured surgical instruments for the boys. They use the same old razor blade or sharp rock that they used on the girls. Boys, just like girls, die from infections, suffer gangrene, septicaemia and genitalia loss.

    In only one week last month, in only one part of Africa (Eastern Cape) 20 boys died and 239 were admitted to hospital because of botched circumcisions. 5 boys had their genitals amputated.

    And according to recent report because of repeated use of unsterilised blades “in some communities, about 20 percent of boys going off to the bush [for circumcision] will be HIV-positive”.

    Larry Williams

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