Faux Faulkner, Part 2

You may recall that a few days ago I spoke about the Faux Faulkner contest. The connection I have to this is that I work for the magazine that has sponsored this contest for a few years which is now taking some heat for where they published the winning entry. Apparently this little scandal has started making its way into trade publications and CNN, which I find mildly amusing. Does this go into the the box of, “I don’t care what you print about me, just spell my name correctly”?

It appears that neither conservatives or liberals are happy about it. The conservatives are upset that the story was published at all, albeit in the online version of the magazine, and the liberals are upset that the winning story didn’t appear in the print version of the magazine, unlike winners in previous years.

MT may be interested in reading the trade magazine article which mentions the company I work for and some background on the leader of the company. Special interest may come from the title of this post that she placed on her blog, if she reads through it, she can see that she can play the online version of 6-degree of separation to George Bush.

This Faux Faulkner business has definitely made things interesting in the office this week.


3 Responses to “Faux Faulkner, Part 2”

  1. I read the winning short story and it has been on my mind. It brought back memories of The Sound and the Fury from High School.

    I don’t think I’ll support the censorship tact, but maybe I should…

    Chris, you smell of xerox copies.

  2. Well I stand by the editors decision since I know that we have been trying to drive traffic to the website. I can verify that much is true on this. 🙂

    I can’t comment beyond that because 1. That gets into the business of the company that I’m not involved in, and 2. I don’t know anything else.

    I’ve been finding the “fallout” interesting, nonetheless.

  3. Oh boy, oh boy.
    I am humored to be mentioned specifically in your blog. 😉

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