Still working on the move and other things

Got news this morning that my 88-year old grandfather broke his leg… Again. He was up on a ladder and fell off. This marks the SECOND time he has broken his leg in three years. The last time he fell off a propane tank (a big one, not the kind you use with a grill). WTF grandpa? You’re 88 YEARS OLD! Let someone else get on the ladder for you!

Naturally this happened in one of those rare instances when he was home by himself for an hour. One brother left to go help a friend with something and the other didn’t show up until an hour later.

Grandpa is an excellent patient too! The last time he was in the hospital he kicked a male nurse in the nuts. I think the male staff at Sonora Community Hospital wears jocks and cups now because of him.

Here is where I stand with the move:

New place to live – Check
Truck to move my crap – Check
Finding someone to help me move my crap out/in – Check
Contact utility companies to switch services – Queued
Find a new TV since I don’t have a decent one – Queued
Find a new kitchen table set since Zoey ate my current one – Identified
Find an inexpensive desk chair – Not yet
Finding someone to help me do the 50-mile car shuffle – Not yet

So I have the difficult logistics out of the way at least.


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