I love my little dog…

That’s what I keep telling myself. She looks innocent, but so far she has eaten my kitchen chairs, a quilt somebody made for me, and now she’s chewing up my nice cotton blanket. When I express frustration with this behavior her other daddy just says, “She’s a puppy and she’s going to do that.” Well, I guess that’s easy to say considering that you own the house and most everything in it and the only things she seems to chew on and destroy are those few nice items I own.

If she was eating her other daddies stuff, I’m sure the reaction would be different and something “would have to be done” about it. Now her other daddy wants to move more of my good furniture up to replace his worn out crap but I don’t want to until she gets out of this chewing and destroying things stage.

Yes, I’m incredibly frustrated as I don’t have much in the way of nice things and this little 4-legged wrecking ball is destroying my stuff and nothing of her other daddies stuff. I don’t know how she is managing to focus on my stuff only, but it’s going to have to stop or one of three things will happen:

1. She will be getting obedience training, paid for by her other daddy.
2. She will be going to the pound.
3. I will be going elsewhere.

I’m not going to have everything I own destroyed because “She’s a puppy and she’s going to do that.” I’m done! The little bitch is about 2 years old now, she should be out of that phase.


One Response to “I love my little dog…”

  1. Ugh. Luckily for us, the current set of critters are not chewers, although Carson has a scratching problem at times. Nothing the squirt bottle can’t rectify!

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