This is appalling!

I can’t believe the Supreme Court just ruled that governments can use eminent domain to take your house if they believe another private party can develop it and generate more tax revenue.

Here’s what this means folks – If some developer wants your house, land, etc., all they have to do is go to the local government and say, “My project can develop more tax revenue for the city, so I want you to condemn this block of houses/private property and sell it to me so I can make money on it…” Since cities are cash strapped and looking for ANY source of tax revenue, they will likely go along with it.

How is this much different that what the government in Zimbabwe has being doing to their people recently?

Dear Supreme Court Justices – I know mostly you are old and ready to die, but this is how the foundation for civil wars is placed. You have just turned property “ownership” in this country over to corporations. Nobody’s home is safe, and I sincerely hope that governments come for YOUR houses first!

In short, this means NONE of us own ANYTHING. Just see how much you own if you 1. fail to pay your property taxes, and 2. A corporation suddenly decided it wants to build condos in place of your home.

Sadly, it was mostly the liberal judges that ruled in the majority on this.



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