Medical smack-down!

Yikes! I found out yesterday why most American men rarely visit a doctor. I went in to have a couple rather delicate issues looked at and was verbally smacked for not having a primary care physician. If the idea is to get people to get one and visit regularly, is the best method of getting someone to do so yelling at them?

Most of the reason I do not have a primary care physician is that I can’t seem to locate a gay friendly one down here in the bible belt. Every time I’ve revealed to the medical community my sexual “preference” I get verbal smack-downs about how unhealthy it is and a whole battery of tests to make sure I don’t have any STD’s. You’d think the medical community would be running on the basis of scientific fact and not religious indoctrination these days.

I think I’m going to talk to the two gay people I know here at the office and see if they have any suggestions on who to go see. They are the only avenue I have not gone with since I prefer to keep my personal life to myself at the office.

Off to find out what my plan covers and doesn’t cover…


3 Responses to “Medical smack-down!”

  1. I was too lazy to find a doctor in Bloomington, and now…

    there’s a language thing

  2. I don’t go to the doctor because I have enough old magazines at home already.

    Damned If I Know

  3. Christ … around here there’s a long wait to get into a primary care physican. They are too concerned that the insurance company won’t pay them. Or that you’ll sue them. Don’t get me started.

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