40 MPG from a gasoline fueled car

I took a trip to Asheville, NC Saturday and decided I would take the little car (previously called a Crapalier by someone on the Elmada blog…) and it performed marvelously! I have not gotten gas mileage this good since I owned my little ’88 Escort GT. I don’t know how I managed it at 75 MPH, but my Cavlier got 40 MPG! That’s almost as good as most diesel Volkswagen Jetta’s/Bora’s would get, though not nearly as good as a Smart car.

To put this in perspective it cost me about $22 to go to Asheville where a Hummer H2 would probably have used $90 of gas to get there and back.

Eat your hearts out SUV owners!


One Response to “40 MPG from a gasoline fueled car”

  1. I used to have a Geo Metro. That thing got 58 mpg … but it was a 3 cylinder and had issues with hills. My Echo does good on the highway: 42 mpg. Too bad I am planning on getting a gas-guzzling Jeep Wrangler. LOL. The upside: my husband will be driving the Echo to work everyday and that will actually CUT our gasoline expenditures.

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