House of Sin and Debauchery – Day Two

Wow, this is taking a while. I guess my pile of work at the office has been more like a mountain. Anyhow…

After turning in the night before at about 3AM we slept until 12PM the following day.

Day 2 started with getting up and eating breakfast then going out to sit at the pool for an hour or so. While there was plenty of eye-candy to go around, I did not see a repeat performance of the oral gratification that I saw on day 1. You’d think I was disappointed, but not really. Since it was Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the Island House was packed with cute guys from all the other gay guest houses on the island. I even heard one of them on their mobile phone saying, “We’re at the Island House… this place is A LOT more fun than where we’re staying…”

Against our observation of day 1, we got dressed about 2PM and headed out to Duval Street. Window shopping galore! Lots of interesting things to see and do, and more people were out since it was a holiday weekend. Still, it was a sparse crowd compared to what we saw the night before.

We stopped for lunch at Jimmy Buffet’s Magaritaville Cafe. My Cheeseburger in Paradise (made just like the song) tasted something more like Roadkill in Paradise. The soda I had was flat, and was simply syrup water without any fizz. If it had been frozen and served up differently you could have called it a snow cone, which would have been preferable since it was 150 degrees outside. As you can tell, I’m saying that this place is a must miss if you visit Key West, unless you want a Margaritaville t-shirt.

After visiting Margaritaville, we decided to stop off at The Leather Master for some, er… necessary supplies. I looked at various jewelry for my piercing and at the wide variety of leather goods. Hey, I have an interest in that sort of thing, but that’s as far as I’m going here. =)

From there we headed back to the Island house for a couple of hours, picked up some baked goods at the quickie-mart next to the resort, and napped for an hour or so.

When we woke-up, we headed back out to Duval Street and walked to the southern end where the southernmost point in the continental USA marker that notes that you’re 90 miles from Cuba is placed. We got our photo, taken courtesy of 2 other happy gay boys that showed up on their motorcycles (bullet bikes, not Harley’s). On our way to the marker, we got a bit lost… during our adventures trying to get back on track, we ended up in “the hood”. I wouldn’t have thought Key West had a ghetto, but there we were. Oddly, we were not that far from our destination as “the hood” is only about 2-blocks from the southernmost marker. I know this has racist undertones, but let’s just say I was VERY happy that I was walking with B, who is of the race that most people in this part of town belong to. I wonder how many tourists get lost in that section of town, known as Bahama Village?

We then walked back down Duval Street all the way to the more touristy section on the Northwest side. We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe which was good if you like something on the level of an Applebees. We wanted our key lime pie, but oddly it was not on their menu, so we had to wait for another evening.

After supper, we walked around the shops on this touristy end of Duval Street that was getting a bit Disney-fied and was oriented more towards families. The only gay thing I saw (or remotely close) in this section of town was a t-shirt in one of the shops that said, “If I want your opinion, I’ll take my dick out of your mouth.” I almost bought it, because lately, it’s about how I feel about many people. *shrugs*

After we were done shopping it was time to return to our resort and watch the “mating” rituals for another night. We got less shy this night, but were not so adventurous. But there were a few people putting on a late night show, so of course we watched. Sometimes it is just as fun to watch as it is to participate.

If I can get Picasa loaded, I may try to post some pictures in my next entry… don’t worry, I’m not going to show any of the “action” I’ve described at the Island House though I do have pictures of the facility without “action” in them. I’ll also post pictures of the g-rated activities we participated in.

Stay tuned for part 3.


4 Responses to “House of Sin and Debauchery – Day Two”

  1. This is as exciting as my porn watching story.

  2. the one at the library.

  3. I’ll take that as a hint to liven it up, but remember, be careful what you ask for!

  4. ewh. I have been to that Margaritaville restaurant in Key West. Gary and I did a time-share tour and got a voucher for a free dinner @ that very restaurant. Thank goodness we didn’t spend our own cash. 😉

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