Democrats are Nazi’s?

I can’t believe that Sen. Rick Santorum, R-PA compared the Democratic party to Adolf Hitler.

If anything, it is his Republican party that is acting like the Nazi’s by squashing dissent and making sure the minority doesn’t have a voice through restructuring the use of a the filibuster in the US Sentate. I thought the defintion of conservative was to fight change? (see the sidebar on my blog) Why do they feel the need to fuck with 200 years of Senate tradition for modern day political expediency?


What next, Book burning?


4 Responses to “Democrats are Nazi’s?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Chrisie, I really enjoy this blog. I don’t know about the Demo/Repuli Cunt/Crap issues. However, it does seem the liberals lean towards the socialist/communist manifesto…”Religion BAD, let opiate of masses be drugs, and we should provide for free”

  2. Well first, my name isn’t Chrisie, and I take offense to that. Please refrain from using that in future posts.

    Second, I wouldn’t have such problems with the Republican party if it would pay attention to the first amendment to the US Constitution that states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    The amendment is clear; the US government CANNOT make law that supports religious doctrine or prohibit people from following their religious beliefs.

    The Republican party has lost this view and is currently pushing to make the United States a Christian version of Iran.

    My view is that I’m fine with people having religion, they just shouldn’t go to the government seeking to prohibit my freedom to be who I am just because it doesn’t fit with their religious indoctrination or they find it incompatible with their life. I let them live their life and leave them alone unless they decide they need to put their nose into mine. ‘nough said.

    Also, I am going to remove the ability to post anonymously. While I recognize the right of people to say what they want (hey, look another first amendment thing), I prefer people show their face.

    Health care is a basic human right. Just because a person has money it shouldn’t be the basis for determining that they get to live while the less fortunate die from the exact same thing.

  3. That was funny, Chris-C (crissy??). I just posted it to get your panties in a bunch…sorry.

  4. Hey there–

    At least you answered one of my questions I had for a pal… you can still post. 🙂 I switched off the anonymous posting. *shrugs*

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