Should I stay or should I go?

I’m thinking about putting in a few resumes (CV’s for those of you in Europe) in the Northeast. Why? Quite frankly I’m getting a bit worn out from dealing with the “God-squad” in the south.

Lately, I’ve been hitting the chicken and egg problem. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this. Usually it takes the form of, “We think you are a wonderful candidate for the job, but we’re not willing to pay for relocation expenses.”

I’ve really become stumped about how to work around this to generate interest. If I mention in my cover letter that I’m willing to pay my own relocation I look desperate (not to mention possibly missing out on some relocation reimbursement if they do get in touch) and if I don’t work around it I usually get no response/cold shoulder from folks.

Any thoughts?


6 Responses to “Should I stay or should I go?”

  1. IUMike Says:

    The data tend to suggest that we’re a more purple nation than red and blue. In short, if you look you’ll find liberal Democrats in VA, and you probably won’t escape small-minded bigots by moving north.

    Even if the balance is skewed a little more red in Virginia, I say stay…the weather is warmer in Virginia anyway, and why let the racist, xenophobic and homophobic SOBs have all the good places to live?

  2. Because as the law in Virginia is now I can’t even designate my partner as the person to make medical decisions on my behalf?

    Seems like a good reason to go to me, especially since I have no relatives living closer than 800 miles away. 🙂

    As for your comments on VA, I think it is going to go “blue” in the next one or two presidential election cycles. The natives in the inbred section of the state where I live are about to be outnumbered by the liberals around DC. I think that is why they are passing all these anti-gay laws now. That, and I think it is in their genes to write hate laws anyhow, and now that we’re the only group it is ok to do so… guess what?

  3. SpecialDelivery.Mark Says:

    Hey Chris, just thought you should know about this: Today I spotted the god squad trucks on Washington St. Wonderful slogans such as “Homosexuality is a SIN”, “Marriage= 1 Man + 1 Woman” were plastered on billboards attached to the trucks. Also listed was a website gaymarriageNO dot org The truck plate number was CA state 7G17718 (just in case you have any friends at CHP who could issue a parking ticket or something..)

  4. Hey Mark… Gee was Catherine (Grey Squirrel) among them? *shrugs* Too bad I don’t have friends in the CHP.

    I won’t start the civil war when it happens, but if it does, then I’ll certainly feel compelled to hit that truck with an RPG. *ugh*

    Thanks for reading…

  5. SpecialDelivery Mark Says:

    I shared your letter of 3/11/05 “State Delegates are Without Sin” with the God Squad…I think that they will NOT understand the sarcastic nature, and will take the quoted text as a blessing to continue. I hope so, as I hope to get quotes from them next time they come into town. Thank you for being wonderful. Oh, and please check out before she eats my head off. Sign up for her free wake-up call.

  6. Mark – I would hope it would be obvious it was sarcastic. Especially since my letter ends with a notation of how roomy the Delegate will find the Commonwealth of Virginia after he stones the whole population to death. *shrugs*

    These people can’t see past their own bigotry.

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