It must be time for the Victory Garden

Spring seems to be getting to the Southeastern US rather slowly this year. I want to get my annuals in the ground so they will look nice by early June, but I don’t want to plant anything that will die if we get frost. What to do? I’ve decided it will be o.k. to plant perennials though, so I went out to the local Improve-a-torium today and picked up some Day Lillies.

For about 15 years, the house I’m living in has basically had weedy grass and nothing else for landscaping. In the past 10 months or so I’ve killed off the weedy grass and re-seeded the lawn, planted a dozen shrubs, 1 Natchez Crepe Myrtle, 8 varigated monkey grasses, 40 tulip bulbs, and now 3 Route 66 Day Lillies. It’s finally starting to look like someone lives in this house now.

Last weekend we had a dump truck bring in mulch to put around all this stuff. We still have half the mulch pile left. *shrugs* I’m just happy something is getting planted. I love having nice plants around, and I was getting a bit depressed coming home and not seeing anything.

I think about 6-12 Hostas will be next.

My goals for the garden thus far are to plant stuff so that there is something blooming at almost every part of the year. So far I have spring plants down, the Crepe Myrtle will bloom in the summer, and these day lilies will also bloom then. My laurels are blooming now, so they will do an April/May thing, and my hydrangeas should bloom in the summer sometime.

I guess I’m keeping busy. I sure hope it rains when I’m in Florida… I’d hate to come home to unhappy plants!

Florida vacation – 18 days and counting.


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