I’m shivering

I’m looking at the calendar and it says April 28th, so why is it still so blasted cold here? Usually by this time we’re averaging lows in the 50’s and highs in the mid-upper 70’s. It was just above freezing when I got in the car this morning.

I hope it warms up soon. Since I’ve lost all this weight, the only clothes I have that fit better than a tent are my summer clothes, and I’m kind of cash poor at the moment. I guess there are bigger problems to have than having clothes not fit because they are now too big. =)

Florida Vacation – 30 days and counting.


3 Responses to “I’m shivering”

  1. You sound like you’re in the same boat with Gary. There are two weeks’ left in school and I refuse to buy him new dress pants before next August. Right now, he’s starting to get that underwear hanging out, crotch down to the knees look. That’s right, the first thing Gary lost was his ass. He is completely a flat ass. I expect that he will lose more weight this summer – thus, waiting on the pants. I guess we will just not go to ritzy places.

  2. I guess it’s better a flat ass than a fat ass. *shrugs*

    You live in Evansville… What counts as “Ritz-y”? I’m guessing about as much as there is in Danville, VA. =)

    Oddly I fit in Levi 560 34 inch shorts, but my Levi 550 jeans are just now fitting right at 36.

  3. Oh, and if I would have been thinking… I should have boxed up all my old slacks and khakis (38 waist) and sent ’em up to you instead of giving them to Goodwill.

    Well, at least the needy will bennefit.

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