Dear Congressman DeLay:

I have awoken from my grave to lend my support to your continued service in the US House of Representatives. With your sincere and heartfelt comments about the federal judiciary, most noteably the US Supreme Court, I know it is a wonderful time to be supportive of your efforts. After all, we cannot let these Republican appointed activist judges continue to rule against the right and proper thinking you and your like-minded friends in Congress have come up with to place the United States on the fast track to becoming the Christian theocratic state, or, the Christian version Iran if you will. After all, somebody needs to stand against those heathen Muslims, and heck while we’re at it we should stand up against the Jews.

If you’ve managed to put down the Bible for more than a few minutes, you’ve likely read about the history of my country under my leadership. I must say that the best thing you can do is squash your political opponents as swiftly and permanently as possible; I suggest executing them. If you do that, there is absolutely no way that they will come back to be a problem.

That re-districting of Texas was a good way to go too. Why stand with tradition of only doing it every ten years? Assuming you eliminate your adversaries as I’ve suggested above, you won’t have to worry much about them ever being in power again anyhow.

Also, once you and your friends have consolidated power, I suggest that you eliminate the court system. It just stands in the way of progress and it is much more efficient to just round all the judges up and put them in an elitist ghetto. If the ghetto gets overcrowded you can always build prisons and house your opposition there. Heck, that might get crowded also. Should that happen I suggest more executions, I think you should start with all the non-Christians in the prisons you’ve built.

Once you’ve managed to purge your opponents, I suggest appointing the loyalists to your cause to the highest positions of power. I’m sure you’ll find most of them living in northern Idaho, there seems to be heavy concentrations of them there. As for your squads of good christian police? I think the LAPD probably has many qualified individuals. They are always caught on camera violating the “rights” of your opposition, so recruitment should be simple.

Once you’ve done all this and have turned the United States into a Utopian theocratic state, no other nation will have a problem with it. It worked very well for Germany under my leadership, though my enemies did manage to bomb Berlin once or twice, so you may want to provide heavy cover to Washington, DC or whatever locale you decide to use for your capitol.

Your friend in facism,

Adolf Hitler


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