Dear Mr. and Mrs. Schindler

I know the hardest thing any parent may face is a child dying before they do. Unfortunately you are so caught up in fantasy land that you are failing to see how filing another court appeal now is actually going to hurt your daughter Terri more than if you just let her go. She has been without any nourishment for nearly two-weeks now, which means death is imminent. She has been without water or any liquids for the same amount of time and has likely already gone into renal failure. Let’s talk about that for a minute.

My grandmother had renal failure and was forced to go through dialysis 3 times a week for about 10 years before she died (it might have been longer, I was very young at the time). From what I know about this, here is what your daughter has to look forward to – In addition to drooling in a cup and making random grunts and all the other stuff she has been forced to go through for the past 15 years, she will have to undergo dialysis, possibly on a daily basis. This means being hooked-up to a machine for hours at a time while it filters her blood. But hey, it’s ok, she can’t get out of bed now and I’m sure she’s getting poked and prodded with a ton of needles anyway. Assuming for a moment that she isn’t in a persistent vegitative state, maybe she is a closet masochist and enjoys that type of thing, but I doubt it.

The law Congress should have passed was one that would mandate that you be hooked-up to machines for at least 15 years after you should have expired, so you can see the hell that you’ve put your daughter though.

For Terri’s sake, let her go. She’s suffered enough and causing her to suffer even more so you can feel good about yourself is just plain selfish. The sooner you let her move on, the sooner you can move on and heal.




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