Things I hate about the South – traffic signs

This is going to be the first of what will likely be many things I post about what I hate about living in the South.

As anyone that has spent a significant amount of time driving in the South can tell you, it is rather easy to get lost. You would think the difficulty would center around directions from the natives such as telling you to turn left at the barbecue pig-pick shack and then taking a right at Billy Bob’s 40-acre tobacco field, with another left at the Winn-Dixie, but that would be too simple. No, the traffic signs are just as bad!

Example –  Detour signs for North/South Interstate project: The CH DOT has recently spent a lot of time and money to improve a major north/south interstate from the junction of the major east/west interstate to the COCM/CH border. Since this was a major project, they decided it would be a good idea to detour traffic 40-miles out of the way to Conservative Hell’s 3rd largest metro area via the east/west interstate and then turn it north on a US route. OK, that’s all well and good but the problem is the only detour sign(s) telling you that you had to leave the east/west route and take US highway north was a sign placed in the gore area (that little strip of grass in your cloverleaf folks) above a sign pointing the way to Mayberry, CH on the off-ramp you need to take. I guess this is fine if the only folks using the detour are natives.

Maybe they wanted the tourists to get lost and go find Bubba to ask for directions. This being the South, Bubba would then hold-em hostage with a shotgun while yelling, “Squeal like a little piggy, Damnyankee!” (note: Damnyankee is one word in the south).

This is just one example, I could go on for days!


3 Responses to “Things I hate about the South – traffic signs”

  1. Ah … been there, done that. The signs in Louisiana are really, really bad. But then, the ones that don’t make sense are the ones that really get you. Once we followed some signs and ended up on a gravel road … we honestly thought we were lost. Nope. The gravel road WAS a state road. Go figure.

  2. IUMike Says:

    You should try driving in Mexico City sometime…there are signs, but no one pays them much attention.

  3. Mike — They don’t pay much attention to the signs here, either. Speed limits are only an advisory on the freeway since the natives all seem to think they are NASCAR drivers.

    Perhaps I’ll say something about that in my “Why I hate the south” rant-o-the-week next week.

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